Junior's Television Toy
Junior's Television was a toy projector and screen made to resemble a television camera and receiver.  The "camera" was the projector, and the "receiver" was the screen, as seen below.

Inside the camera was a 60 watt bulb.  The entire set was made of heavy cardboard, with decorative printing on all sides.  A single lens was glued into a cardboard tube, which could be inserted at either end of the projector to allow projection from opaque pictures, or projection through transparencies.  It was focused by sliding the tube in or out.

This was produced by "Junior's Television Co. Inc" of New York, NY.  The absence of a postal zone code suggests a production date prior to 1943.  I would guess this toy was produced in the 1939-40 period, to capitalize on the publicity that TV generated at the New York World's Fair.  The image shown on the screen looks like something out of a 1930's Flash Gordon serial or, perhaps, Superman (though I don't know what the object on his head might be).
The fact that the maker's name was also the name of the toy suggests that this was their only product, and their business was short lived.  Unfortunately, all I have of this set is the camera (and even that is incomplete), and I have never seen another one.  It was fortunate that the makers saw fit to include a picture of the entire setup.