RCA Laboratories, Princeton, NJ

In 1941, RCA purchased a 260 acre tract of farmland just outside Princeton, NJ as the location of the David Sarnoff Research Center, also known as RCA Laboratories.  The facility formally opened in 1942 with a staff of 125 engineers and scientists.  For 44 years, it was the primary research and development arm of RCA

With the acquisition of RCA by GE in 1986, the facility was taken over by SRI International, and is today operated by the Sarnoff Corporation as part of SRI.  For a brief history of the RCA Laboratories, a biography of David Sarnoff, and an excellent list of related links, the Sarnoff Corporation website is highly recommended.

RCA Laboratories-10th Anniversary Memento
This gold plated plaque embedded in clear plastic was given to employees on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the founding of RCA Laboratories. 
This aluminum tray commemorated RCA Laboratories' 40th anniversary.